New Feature: Adventure Plan (experimental, v0.3.0)

The functionality requested in FI#13 is now being implemented into Centurion as the Adventure Plan feature. This page informs about stage 1 of this implementation, which is available in the latest version of the software.

An adventure plan is a collection of simulation and optimisation results, ordered and organised in folders and sub-folders, that can be saved to a file on the hard disk and loaded from there. The idea is to collate information about attacks on camps in an adventure to serve as a strategy or guideline how to play the adventure. It provides Centurion with a way to store your results and retrieve, organise, refine them later.

Implementation will be in three stages described below. Currently stage 1 is released as an “experimental feature”, meaning that here could still be significant changes in the near future, mainly depending on the user feedback.

Stage 1: Be able to create, save and load adventure plans. Populate them with simulation and optimisation results. Re-run simulations and optimisations from the adventure plan. (now available)

Stage 2: Create an adventure plan report with attack configurations and other information as a guideline and info sheet to accompany the player while he/she is playing an adventure. (in the future)

Stage 3: Have adventure items that signal to the user when they need to be re-run because of changes in the personal config file (generals skills, personal values, …), changes in the database or changes in the Centurion algorithms. (in the future)

Create a new Adventure Plan

Use the Job –> New Adventure Plan menu entry to create a new, blank adventure plan. Give the plan a name and assign the adventure, that the plan will be for.
Use the File –> Save or Save As… menu entries to save the plan to a file of your choice. Then close the window and use Job –> Load Adventure Plan to reopen the plan you have just created.

On the Items page of the Adventure Plan window use File –> Add Folder… to create folders in your plan at will. Folders can also have sub-folders. Create a sub-folder by using the right mouse button as shown below.
You can use drag-and-drop in the adventure plan to move folders around, sort them and make them sub-folders of other folders.

Put Items into an Adventure Plan

To put actual items into the adventure plan, execute jobs in the job window and wait until they are finished. You can use any kind of job for this (simulate, optimise, useful generals). Then drag-and-drop the job row from the job list into the adventure plan window, target at the folder that you want your item go to in.

The item will then be displayed in the folder with all the details that it contains. Save the adventure plan from time to time to prevent data loss.

Take a moment to explore the properties displayed. You will be familiar with most of them from your use of the joblist in Centurion in previous versions.
Also, try moving items around in the adventure plan to put them in the order you want and into the folders you want.

Launch Jobs from Adventure Plan Items

Items in the adventure plan do not only contain the results from jobs but also the actual job definitions. So we can use adventure plan items to re-run the job that the item originally stems from.
In the adventure plan we have three ways to run a job out of an item. Explore the item’s context menu for this. There is Run, Run like…, and Simulate more often….
Run is a simple re-run of the exaxt same job definition in the item. This will be useful when the general’s definition has changed (skills), when there is a change in the database or when there is a change in the alfgorithm of Centrion. All this changes may lead to a different outcome now.
Run like… and Simulate more often… correspond to the Create like… and Simulate more often… context menu entries that exist in the job list.

2 thoughts on “New Feature: Adventure Plan (experimental, v0.3.0)”

  1. Sorry, haven’t tested it yet. Does the Run, and Simulate more often results get updated in the plan once they have finished running, or do you have to manually remove and re-add the updated results?


    1. Hi there, it doesn’t do that yet, but I am planning to have that. Still needs some thinking on my part. But you can drag-and-drop the job another time and the adventure plan will realise it’s got that one already (same command line) and will prompt you to overwrite.


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