FI#1: “Resolve Camps” in the target camp configurator

Suggested: 14 Jan 2018, v0.0.2 (Beta)

14 Jan 2018, v0.0.2 (Beta)
As a player I want to be able to optimise attacks on a target camp that has already been weakened by previous waves.

When I select a target camp in the job creation windows, I can easily specify something like “Bull#0” by using the drop-down lists provided. But when I want to attack the camp when it has already been weakened, I have to enter the remaining enemy troops manually.

Solution (proposal)
A button will be added to the target camp configuration that allows to “resolve” a camp identifier such as Bull#0 into the individual troops. Then, the user can modify the individual troops and reduce them to match his/her situation in the game.

The new button will go between the camp text input field and the adventure drop-down list. It will be labelled “R.C.” (for Resolve Camp(s)) with a tooltip “Resolve camp(s) into opponent’s troops”)

Pressing the button will change the selected camp from “Bull#0” to “80Lanz;80BerBo;RLL” (the original population of the camp). The user can now modify the population, for example down to “26Lanz;13BerBo;RLL” and launch the optimisation with this target.

v0.0.3 (Beta)

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