FI#12: Highlight the main/boss camps for easier identification

19 Jul 2018, v0.2.1 (Beta+) (by TP)
It would be nice to be able to identify main/boss camps in the drop-down list of the camps of an adventure.
Display those camps in a bold font or with some foreground or background colour. Still to be decided. Also: Where should this apply? Only in the drop-down list of camps in the job definition window? How about the “Browse Camps Window”, i.e. Browse –> Camps…

To be done: Camps must be marked in the database to be main/boss camps. This is currently not the case, i.w. the database does not have this information. Centurion cannot just say a camp is a main/boss camp when it has bosses in it because there are main camps that have no bosses. That’s why the information must be added to the database and then exploited by the user interface.

Not yet scheduled. You may still contribute by commenting below.


2 thoughts on “FI#12: Highlight the main/boss camps for easier identification”

  1. In case this ever makes it into the database, here’s a suggestion which implies some more work and information, but gives a chance to improve EP calculations…

    A boss camp is given the -1. Any standard camp is given the camp number of the boss it belongs to!

    To my knowledge killing a boss camp removes all of its protecting camps, giving EP as if they were fought.
    Speaking of the agenda this means, the EP of any remaining camps could be added to the total once a boss is killed according to the plan’s sequence. This could (should?) be displayed below the boss-fight (“camp #4 #6 removed, 1200 EP”) and may be a warning could be displayed if the user tries to add such a camp below its boss. 😉


    1. That sounds like a thorough idea. It would be a first step to enhance the database such that it contains the links between the “minor” camps and their boss camps (there can be more than one boss camp in a sector).


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