FI#13: Saving and Loading Results

12 Jul 2018, v0.2.1 (Beta+) (by C3D)
I would like it if there was an option to save the results, so they could be reloaded later.

How I see it happening is…
* Click select the results you want to save (in the order you want them, which may be different to the order you actually created them)
* these are saved as an xml file
* the file also saves the actual configuration of the generals you selected
when you reload them,
* also should record the camp number AND the troops; just in case the troops in the camp are updated at some stage as they are every now and then due to data input.
* it loads them into the results screen (in the order you selected them)
* if a general listed now has different skills than it had when it was saved it is highlighted (red?)
* if a result was still being calculated when it was saved, so the result isn’t necessary completely optimized it is highlighted (grey?)
then you should be able to click on the highlighted ones to re-compute them, because they are either out of date or not finished in the first place.

  • We will introduce something called an “adventure plan”.
  • An adventure plan is a collection of attack configurations at camps of a given adventure, combined with optimisation results. Such an attack configuration with its result is an “adventure plan item”.
  • Items in a plan can be sorted by the user. The application will maintain this sort order, unless the user changes it.
  • Example: The user may decide to create an adventure plan called “The Valiant Little Tailor – sector 1” to store his/her attacks and results for camps of the 1st sector of the adventure. Or there could be an adventure plan for the whole adventure, not sector by sector…
  • Adventure plans can be saved into a file on disk and loaded from a file on disk. Dedicated file extension *.advplan, internally an XML format.
  • An adventure plan will be displayed in a dedicated, new, window in centurion where all its items can be managed by the user.
  • In the adventure plan window the user can also launch optimisations of the items if necessary (e.g. user changed the attack, a general’s skills have changed and so on)
  • There may also be a view of the adventure plan designed for the actual play of the adventure, i.e. give the general and player’s troops for the camps in the right order (as specified by the user), maybe with forecast losses, kind of like a play sheet.

This is going to be a complex feature. It will appear step by step in future releases of Centurion and users can comment on the progress of the development and give more detailed feedback as functionality becomes available to affect the direction in which it goes.

Not yet scheduled. You may still contribute by commenting below.


4 thoughts on “FI#13: Saving and Loading Results”

  1. Yep, I mean job screen.

    The reason for wanting to be able to sort the order they are reloaded is that normally I run my jobs in the order I plan on doing my attacks; but if one of the jobs comes up with a result I don’t really like, I will re run the job with different options, maybe different troops, different general etc. The problem is that these results will now not be in order of what I plan on doing them. So when I save them I would like to say which order to save them, so when they get reloaded, they will be loaded with the current timestamp and I can sort using that and make them list out in the order I plan on attacking.


    I plan on attacking camps 0, 1, 2 in that order
    I run those three combos.

    The results can then be sorted by time I started them and they will be in the order 0,1,2

    The problem is that if I decide I don’t like the results of say camp 1, I re run it, but if I now order by the timestamp I get 1,0,2 rather than 0,1,2.

    I would like it so when I save I can click on results I want for 0,1,2 in that order. Then when they are reloaded (in order) I can arrange by timestamp (the new when loaded back into job screen timestamp) and they will once again be result for camps 0,1,2 in that order as I wanted in the first place.



    1. Hi Coyote3D, I have been thinking about this feature and I have come up with a suggestion how to tackle it. when you get the time, could you read the “Solution” section above and give me feedback on it? Does it go in the right direction and have the potential to cover what you have in mind? You can also correct my wording if necessary… not a native speaker here 🙂


      1. solution is looking good at first read over. Remember to store as well as the generals their current skill lines etc.

        Windows just decided to do a reboot for an upgrade without asking me, so I lost about three pages worth of calculations (took about a week on this machine), so really look forward to it (and maybe a nice way to print or save to PDF/HTML as well?



  2. Yes, I know where your thoughts are going with the saving of the skills and so on. One could then have indicators which calculations need to be re-done. This will also have to take into account algorithmic changes inside Centurion. All in all a not so easy topic. Doable but not easy. The functionality will appear step-by-step. First step will be to assemble, store, load the plans. Additional logic like you have in mind will then be added later. I am certainly talking about a time period of several months here.

    Yes, printing is also in scope. I have printed similar content in another application before. Once you have the printing, you can always install a so-called PDF printer on your windows system and print to that printer… which would give you a PDF output.


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