FI#14: Best General & Book Feature

19 Jul 2018, v0.2.1 (Beta+) (by C3D)
There is a best general feature, but would it be possible to make a best general & book feature. Ie give them an army (or armies) they are going against, give them a selection of generals to test, and let the program run each general with each combo of books. Just for those of us who aren’t great at deciding how to spec out generals for certain adventure series.
I am not 100% certain if I understand your request correctly:
* By “books” do you mean manuscripts, tomes, codices that lead to skills? In that case I am thinking of this feature as “Useful Skills” to complement the “Useful Generals” feature.
* So the user would provide one (or several) generals (which may or may not already have skills), provide one (or several) target camps to attack and Centurion would then vary the skills for the general(s) and find the skill set that leads to the smallest losses over all provided target camps, for example by simply adding up the losses?
* Runtime concern: If optimising 1 attack (1 general, one target, 1 skill set) takes an average of 5mins, 5 generals with 10 targets and 20 possible skill sets will take 5*5*10*20=5000mins=3.47days. Are we prepared for that? I have deliberately chosen a moderate amount of generals, targets, skill sets… it could easily be much much longer than that.
* We havent talked about also providing the player’s troops to use, something like *R;*M;…;*K or *SK;…;*BEL. Since we cant tell beforehand how to restrict, we are likely to use all the troops possible.. which increases runtime again. Of course we could fight this by optimising only down to a certain grid like multiples of 16, not multiples of 1. Would that be acceptable?
* I might draw a sketch of a job definition window for this in the near future. Right now everything that comes to mind looks pretty involved. Dont want to overwhelm the user 🙂
Not yet scheduled. You may still contribute by commenting below.


1 thought on “FI#14: Best General & Book Feature”

  1. yep I was talking about manuscripts etc.

    It would’t be used to often, so having it run for a long time is ok. After all it isn’t cheap to respec, so its just something you’d probably consider when you get a new general and deciding which adventure series you plan on using him with


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