FI#18: Gameplay with Checkboxes

6 Dec 2018, v1.0.1 (by TA)
While the gameplay in the agenda is a good idea, it would be more natural/convenient/simple if it worked with checkboxes rather than buttons and a filter.
The idea of the gameplay is that while you are playing the adventure, the agenda window shows you all camps and attacks that are still to be done in the adventure, in the right order. The top agenda item will be the next one to play. When the attack has been launched, the agenda item can be hidden and the next item will appear at the top and so on. This principle behaviour/workflow lead to the introduction of buttons and a filter that would hide agenda items that are “done”.

Do other users share the view regading checkboxes? Please weigh in and comment regarding the gameplay feature and whether it should receive improvements, especially using checkboxes instead of buttons and a filter.

Not yet scheduled. You may still contribute by commenting below.


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