FI#19: Customize Colours

16 Jul 2019 (by Coyote3D)
I can’t read red txt. I get migraines, so I have glasses which shift and reduce the colour red. It means when I am trying to read how many troops die in a particular plan I need to take my glasses off and get real close to the screen.
Is it possible to put the txt colours used into the config file so I can adjust them so I can read them etc?
A colour picker gadget will be introduced and config settings to allow customizing colours in Centurion. Initially the following colours will be customizable:

* The colour indicating losses wherever they are shown
* The colours used for background of agenda items

The gadget may look similar to this one.

v1.4, end of August 2019.

This is now implemented. The colour used to show the player#s losses is configurable via Tools –> Config –> Appearance


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