FI#20: Re-calculate All

16 Jul 2019 (by Coyote3D)
Can we have a re-calculate all button/menu option?
When I change general skills etc, I want to go to a save and run all the calculations again to get the updated numbers. Currently I have to click on each entry and click ‘Run’. Would be nice to be able to click one button to add all jobs back t the queue.
To be specified. Currently there are a few details to be sorted out:

* Where would you like to start recalculation?
– Agenda? In the agenda you can already select all agenda items, then right mouse click –> Job –> Run, which will execute all underlying command lines. That should be pretty much what you want, no?
– Adventure plan tree view? Would you like to run recalculation simply on all items (there may be a lot), even when they are not affected by the skill change? Currently the adventure plan dies not know about which skills you changed…
– The job list? After selecting some or all jobs in the job list?

to be decided


2 thoughts on “FI#20: Re-calculate All”

  1. pref able to run everything again in the standard tree view.

    While being able to tell all the items in a agenda to run again is good, what actually gets into one of my agendas is based on the results in the tree view. Also some adventures I have about 4 or five different agendas made up for different play style (ie fast vs kill all vs different start locations), and running all of the agenda items in each agenda again would often have duplicate jobs started.


    1. actually thinking about it a little more; i have a lot of sorting in the tree view using folders. Being able to select a folder and say to recalculate everything in that tree, including in its sub trees would be great, and often saving time computing things that didn’t need it.

      While just being able to say compute everything that has changed would be the best option, i know this isn’t possible as the skill trees for generals used aren’t recorded in the xml of the attacks calculated. Maybe this could be added at a latter stage, so when a agenda is loaded, it would be able to report if any attacks are calculated with generals which are now different (and offer to queue them for re-calculation).


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