FI#22: Allow running the same job for all or many camps of an adventure

14 Oct 2019 (by Dr Who et al)
When I have a new general or in a similar situation I would like to run a particular job for all or at least many camps of an adventure. Entering all these jobs individually is tedious. Maybe there can be a better way…
Feature ‘Apply command line to other camps…’. Details in the Centurion Wiki.

2 thoughts on “FI#22: Allow running the same job for all or many camps of an adventure”

  1. Agreed. I also run multiple (8) different generals through each fight, and then i order the results and copy the best over to the agenda. often i will then substitute it for the second or third best in the agenda instead to have more generals fighting at once at slightly less efficiency

    While the best general calculation is nice, you can’t use the results in the agenda. so it would be great if we could run the best general type calculation, selecting a bunch of generals; but having a option for to be them listed as separate results in the results..


  2. May be the feature could be implemented similar to or as a part of “redo all jobs…”?
    1st step, select any general
    2nd optionally filter by Sim/Useful/Opt (even better: filter by “target/goal” because “Lock” usually has other generals than the others)
    3rd see a list of all jobs NOT containing this general
    4th tick any number of these
    launch =)


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