FI#5: Improve Runtime Performance on UsefulGenerals

Suggested: 14 Jan 2018, v0.0.2 (Beta)

14 Jan 2018, v0.0.2 (Beta)
Running a useful Generals query right now, still only using one core, seems like this would be a good query to run on multiple cores/threads, one for each general.
to be done
to be done

1 thought on “FI#5: Improve Runtime Performance on UsefulGenerals”

  1. One idea could be to have each general be entered as a seperate process/run in the job que, and then once they are all finished have the last job in the que show a summry of the best options.

    This way as soon as each general finishes you could look at its indivual results, or just wait for them all to finish and then look at their combined results.

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