FI#6: Hide Standard Generals

16 Jan 2018, v0.0.2 (Beta) (by beta tester SH)
Once I have my custom (skilled) generals defined in the personal config file, the standard generals are disturbing in the drop-down lists of the job creation windows. There should be a way to hide them and only see my custom generals.

Allow to hide all or individual standard generals by having a dedicated entry in the personal config section for every standard general to hide.

A thought: Hiding the standard generals individually (general by general) might be necessary because some users might have only part of their generals customised/skilled and work with the other standard ones. Not sufficient then to just have one switch “hide all standard generals”

A thought: Should this hiding mechanism also apply to the BrowseGeneralsWindow? Or is it okay/useful/important to see them all there even though some are set to be hidden in the personal config? If it is okay to see them there, maybe there should be a new column “Configured to be Hidden” or so?

Solution (proposed)
Introduction of the notion of a “prime general”. A prime general is a general who is actively used by a player. When a player has skilled his/her Champion Anslem (Ans), there will be a custom general Ans2 or MyAns or whatever and the player is now likely to only use this skilled Anslem, not the old one anymore, in Centurion. However the old, standard Anslem is still in the Centurion database and shows up in the UI. The skilled Anslem will now be the “prime” (or “primary”) one.

Prime generals can be configured in the personal config file and that will have an effect on the user interface:

The above exmaple defines a list of prime generals using their Ids, which must exist as custom generals or standard generals. It also defines an order between the prime generals. This order will be used in the user interface when the prime generals are displayed.
The wave configurator in the user interface will now look different when prime generals are defined. Here is a sample screen shot that matches the above definition:

Note how the order of the prime generals from the config files is preseverd in the UI. Standard (non-prime) generals can still be found in the combo-box sorted by Id as usual.

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