KP#1: Strange Result when First Wave Wins

Reported: 15 Jan 2018, v0.0.2 (Beta)

15 Jan 2018, v0.0.2 (Beta) (SH)
A 2-wave optimisation can lead to strange and sub-optimal results when the 1st wave is actually able to destroy the enemy camp.

Example: Command line “-Camp=14RoyM;1EvilK;1RoyRes -Attack=*R;Ans -Attack=*R;*K;GM” leads to

150R;Ans && 132K;GM ==> 7.62XP/PLVMix, 64.03PLVMix, [90-90.19-100]+[0]=[90-90.19-100]s duration, [59-64.03-69]+[0]=[59-64.03-69]PLV, PlrDd [59-64.03-69]R, [488]XP

whereas command line “-Camp=14RoyM;1EvilK;1RoyRes -Attack=1-10R;Ans -Attack=*R;*K;GM” leads to

1R;Ans && 32R;200K;GM ==> 16.9XP/PLVMix, 28.89PLVMix, [10]+[30-30.35-40]=[40-40.35-50]s duration, [1]+[20-27.89-32]=[21-28.89-33]PLV, PlrDd [21-28.89-33]R;[1]Ans, [488]XP

The optimiser now considers configurations invalid, that win the combat ahead of time, i.e. where later waves don’t have anything to do anymore because the opponent camp is already destroyed.

Example: Command line “-Camp=14RoyM;1EvilK;1RoyRes -Attack=*R;Ans -Attack=*R;*K;GM” now leads to

1R;Ans && 57R;177K;GM ==> 16.7XP/PLVMix, 29.14PLVMix, [10]+[30]=[40]s duration, [1]+[20-28.14-33]=[21-29.14-34]PLV, PlrDd [21-29.14-34]R;[1]Ans, [488]XP

Thanks, beta-tester SH, for reporting this issue.


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