KP#11: Excessive Memory Usage

3 Dec 2018, v1.0.1 (C3D)
Quote: “It seems to be hogging memory. Getting bigger and bigger over time. Not sure if it is releasing memory after it no longer requires it.
ok, it finally cleared most of the memory when one of the two general queries finished.
Currently if I have two many running, the program comes unresponsive and I am unable to do anything on it, ie even min/max the window until some of it has processed. I.E. it has been running for the last 9 hours today but I can’t even click the help button on the top line to find this web address, had to do it manually. I am only running nine (9) quires. Just one happens to be a two general one and is hogging all the resources and taking days. It was responding (very slowly) until I added the last quire.

May I suggest a new feature

allow the user to select how many in the que to run at once. once one if finished start the next. So if I select 4, it doesn’t matter if I have four or forty in my que, only four will run at any given time.

maybe this will solve my resource management problem the program is having. PS; the rest of the computer is responsive and usable, so it is only for some reason causing itself issues.”

Introduce a scheduling of jobs. Currently all jobs created by the user are launched immediately. When there are many jobs, this uses resources excessively. Let the user define a maximum number of jobs that Centurion runs in parallel (in the Options window). Default may be 10 or so. When the user creates more jobs than that, jobs will wait until other jobs are finished… not running more jobs in parallel than the given limit.
Jobs can now be scheduled, there is a queue. The amount of jobs run simultaneously can be configured by the user to match the power of the computer.

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