KP#5: Iteration Slow-Down

29 Jan 2018, v0.0.3 (Beta) (CNZ)
-Camp=SE#22 -Iterations=100 -Attack=*R;0-1M;*S;0-147E;0-214C;0-4LB;0-165AB;0-104K;MdK

not sure why, but this query grinds to a halt at progress…
x01x // 27R;9E;71C;4LB;52AB;57K;MdK

The iterator of the optimisation algorithm that walks over all relevant configurations in the search space had an error in its increment function, leading to too much looping being done. THis is now fixed and will lead to a slight general speed-up and at occasions like the one given here a heavy speed-up. Results are unaffected though.
v0.0.4 (Beta)

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