KP#6: “Simulate more often” picks up wrong troop composition

5 Jul 2018, v0.2.2 (Beta) (CHS)
The “simulate more often” option to rerun an optimizing job with more runs for teh final solution doesn’t work; fails to pik up the proper troop composition.
The faulty behaviour has been reproduced, a solution is under way.
v0.2.3 (Beta)

3 thoughts on “KP#6: “Simulate more often” picks up wrong troop composition”

  1. It would appear that this is “only” a display problem. The command line in the window for the “simulate more often” job is correct… it shows the right troops composition. So if you change the number of iterations in the command line box and then launch the job, everything is alright. That is a workaround of course. A proper solution is scheduled for v0.2.3. Sorry about that!


  2. The numbers in the box where I enter troop compositions are wrong, and don’t match the command line box. The troops entry box seems to show “1” as the number for each troop type. I frequently edit this box to check small changes in troops composition;


  3. Possibly closely related, or else another issue… when I “creat like” to make a new job, it seems to increase the number of generals in the box here I can enter general names. That is, if I run an optimization from with general GM2, when I apply “create like” to this job, the box comes up showing “GM2;GM2”


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