KP#8: The graphical generals don’t give an easy way to see the difference between original and new generals.

5 Jul 2018, v0.2.2 (Beta) (CHS)
The graphical generals don’t give an easy way to see the difference between original and new generals. I use both. Also, in various cases I get multiple generals showing up in the text box under the graphical general selection buttons.
Needs further details.
not yet scheduled

5 thoughts on “KP#8: The graphical generals don’t give an easy way to see the difference between original and new generals.”

  1. Are you using the “prime generals” feature in the config file? Because if yes, the behaviour should be absolutely the same between v0.2.1 and v0.2.2. If you are not using the feature, all the generals (pre-defined and custom) should now appear in a button row rather than a drop-down list. In the button row, generals can be identified by the button tool tip that appears when the mouse pointer hovers over the button.

    (1) Are you saying that a general with a particular Id, lets say “Nus2” appears more than once as a button? That would be a bug indeed. When you have Nus and Nus2, they will look the same as buttons but can be distinguished by the tool tip. That would be as intended.

    (2) If you use the prime generals feature, the prime generals are supposed to be in the button row in the exact same order as given in the config files. So you can arrange their order as you like it. For example you could have all custom generals first and then the standard generals to keep buttons with the same images apart. All non-prime generals go into the drop-down box. But all that hasn’t changed between v0.2.1 and v0.2.2. Please let me know in case I didnt get right what the problem seems to be.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


  2. Yes, I do see the difference as a tool tip, which is much smaller text. It’s a minor point; more of a matter of preference I guess.


    1. From your comment, you appear to be saying there is a drop down box still. But I don’t see it…

      (Also, I said above the text is smaller. It’s not really that much smaller. Colour is a bit less clear and it takes one extra “watch and check” step, as selection involves looking for the right button, then also looking and checking the tool tip. The drop down box has one “look” step to identify the right mouse gestures. Preferences, I guess. Not a big deal)


      1. When you dont use the prrime generals feature, the drop-down list is not there. That’s the main and only difference to the previous version here. Can you try and see whether the prime feature can resolve this for you?


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